Distributor Enquiry

We are the manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of Sole Cutting Machine, Hawai Chappal Making Machine and Chappal Making Machine so we are looking distributorship in Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, UP and Uttrakhand.

Minimum Investment - 5 Lac - 8 Lac
Location - Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, UP and Uttrakhand.
Area Required - 200 Sqd.
Machine Type - Semi Automatic and Manual.

The distributor is an independent selling agent who has a contract to sell the products of a manufacturer. The distributor cannot represent him- or herself as the producer but may display the producer's trade name in signage and in the sales situation. Depending on the relative power of the producer, the distributor may be limited to selling only one brand of a product; in practice the strong distributors will have much more freedom. The distributor usually has an exclusive territory which may be part of a metro area or, depending on the product, may be a large territory including more than one state. Distributors pay wholesale prices for the product and then distribute to dealers who pay dealer price.

Variants to this general pattern exist. One such is the contract distributor who purchases a product from a producer, consolidates it with other products thus adding value, and resells the product. A contract distributor differs from a wholesaler in that a wholesaler merely purchases a product, along with other products from different manufacturers, and resells the product with little if any changes.

Being an independent entity, the distributor's operations are not under the direct managerial control of a producer. Producers, however, influence the distributor by providing common methods for display, for inventory management, producing national advertising and symbolism, and offering incentives. Some of these internal matters may be governed by the general contract under which distributors and producers operate.